Couple stole cleaning products from hospital

A couple have been jailed for six months for stealing thousands of pounds worth of cleaning products from Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

Both offenders were domestic assistants at the hospital when they began stealing various cleaning products and medical supplies.

The hospital received an anonymous tip-off last month and both were arrested by police at their place of work.

Searches on their home led to the discovery of nearly £6000 of products stacked in boxes in the garage and the couple’s bedroom with Addenbrooke’s labels on them.

Both pleaded guilty to theft by an employee and were each jailed for six months at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court.

It is believed that the offenders were stockpiling the cleaning products to take with them to their native Hungary but their plan was thwarted thanks to the information received by the hospital.

“Theft by an employee is a serious crime and these goods would have been purchased with public money.”