Q. Why not put more money into training, rather than ceasing it altogether?

Investing more resource in direct training is not an option given pressures on Home Office budgets as a whole, and we have concluded that it is not sensible to try to meet the national training requirement with such a small resource

Q. What about CRC’s other functions such as the Crime Reduction Website?

The Crime Reduction Website – to take one example – is a major success; it has won awards and is very well regarded by its target audience. The review recommended that these services should continue and decisions have been taken to retain the Website, a journal aimed at practitioners and the IPAK knowledge management programme.

Q. How is this decision consistent with Government commitments to move more jobs out of London?

The Government remains committed to the principle that more Civil Service jobs should be based in the regions. But that commitment has to be balanced against the need to ensure that Government business as a whole is delivered with one eye firmly on value for money, and in this case it is hard to see how the taxpayers’ interest would be served by retaining a tiny outpost so remote from the rest of the organisation of which it is a part.