Hate Crime

Hate Crime

What is Hate Crime?

A hate crime incident is when you, your family or your property is subjected to violence or damage because of your disability, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Hate crime may include one or more of the following; name calling, verbal abuse, threats or intimidation, graffiti or writing (including notes / emails / text messages), bullying, harassment, damage to your house or car, physical attacks, sexual violence and murder.

Why should I report a Hate Crime…

Hate crime is currently under reported.

It can cause serious harm, many victims do not report incidents and tend to suffer in silence, tolerating harassment for a long period of time.

By reporting these incidents you are making a bigger difference than you may think.

Reporting all forms of hate crime helps victims and witnesses to gain support, it also helps East North East Homes to make your local area safer.

Partnership agencies, such as the Police, can also take action against the troublemaker and support victims / witnesses.

Agencies may also:

  • Investigate the incident and collect evidence
  • Take photographs of any evidence
  • Provide home security for victims
  • Taking appropriate action against the troublemaker
  • Remove offensive graffiti quickly
  • Provide CCTV to collect evidence