Two foals at foot stolen late Monday night 6th November .

One foal is a 6 month Piebald filly, the other is a 4 month old Skewbald colt. Both have distinctive eyes; the Skewbald has very pale blue eyes and the filly’s right eye has a small of blue. The owners are devastated!

Lost & Stolen

If you are in the distressing situation of having a horse, pony, donkey or mule lost or stolen we will list them here and include their information in our news section and send the information out in our E news letters. Please contact us and provide as much information as possible, including a photograph if you have one.

To support the prevention of crime and increase the potential of recovery, we publish information supplied by Horse watch coordinators and crime prevention officers. Please check if you are acquiring an equine not known to you or want to register your stolen horse with Stolen horse register .