Crime involving Mobile Phones and PDA are on the increase

Many people who have a mobile phone or PDA palm will always think that it will not get lost, damaged, or stolen, and that it will NEVER happen to them, unfortunately the reality is that they do, and they only wish after the event that they had the mobile phone or PDA palm insured.

What should you do if you have been a victim of a stolen phones?

Halifax General Insurance, one of the UK’s largest providers of household insurance, saw claims as a result of mobile phone theft rise by 123% and at the end of December theft claims were at 750,000 + and it could rise again this year.  If you have a very expensive Mobile phone or PDA palm, think twice, and take out our Mobile Phone or PDA Palm Insurance now.

Don’t be one of this years statistics, bright people cover there Mobile phone or PDA.

Crime involving Mobile Phones