What to do if your phone or PDA is stolen form you:

To stop your Mobile Phone or PDA being Stolen from you.

  • Don’t leave the Mobile/PDA  lying around
  • Don’t’ leave the Mobile/PDA on your desk or table unattended
  • Don’t assume your Mobile/PDA  won’t get stolen
  • Don’t use your Mobile/PDA in the street if unavoidable
  • Simple Don’ts but they can prevent your Mobile phone or PDA palm from being stolen.


To help you and the Police  always:

  • Do Lock away your Mobile or PDA when not in use
  • Do Lock your Mobile or PDA with the PIN code
  • Do record your Mobile or PDA’s unique serial number
  • Do take out insurance to Protect you from large costs if it is stolen or lost.

Mobile Phone Safety – Local Crime Databases

Simple Do’s that can help you and the Police if it is stolen.

What to do if your phone or PDA is stolen form you

Advise all mobile phone / PDA / ipod / Laptop users to contact or register with various organisations their valuable equipment, this will not only help to trace the equipment back to you, so it can be returned to your possession, but it will also help the Police to trace and convict persons should your mobile be stolen. There are links of organisations to which you would be advised to record your equipment with.

Here are the basic details you need to know – Don’t wait get it recorded today and enjoy your mobile.

Stores your contact details and the details of your registered items on a database called The Mobile Equipment National Database or MEND for short.
UK Police Forces have access to this information via their online search engine called the NMPR and this assists them in checking the ownership of property they recover. Other recovery agencies such as Transport For London lost property can also view the information held on MEND.

  • You register your contact details and your first item.
  • You can then add as many other items to the account as you wish, all free of charge.
  • If you wish you can upgrade your account and add photos and certificates of ownership
  • Once you have registered, you will be notified by email of your personal account details which will include your login name and password.
  • The details you registered will be made available to the police to help them identify recovered property.
  • You will be reminded from time to time to ensure that the details on your account are up to date (this will be done via an email to your contact email address).
  • You can add or amend details of your account at anytime.

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