We will deal with hate crimes

We will deal with hate crimes

We will promote the development of groups representing disadvantaged communities with our residents and our partners. We will work to increase community groups’ access to resources and help them to help those experiencing discrimination to take part.

Equality and Diversity – Local Crime Databases

Local Crime Databases, as a community leader, will:

  • Challenge institutional discrimination within our Company if we find it so we lead by example
  • Give a professional and relevant service to all the community to achieve equality for everyone
  • Work to remove barriers that exclude some sections of the community from decision-making and access to Local Crime Databases jobs and services
  • Seek support from partners to join us in our commitment to removing discrimination, injustice and improving the quality of neighborhoods.

Fair access

What to do when schools are involved – Local Crime Databases

We will identify targets to measure our progress in delivering equality and cohesion.

Fair access

Promoting equality and inclusiveness is one of Local Crime Databases key values. We will make sure we welcome and support the settlement of newcomers and help them to integrate into the community. We will tackle isolation and non-participation.

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